Praise from Birdsong Students

Praise from Students



Los Angeles, California

From the beginning, Erica and Laura were so warm and welcoming to me as a new doula and mentee.

They work so seamlessly together that, whether I was with one or both of them, there was always continuity in their teaching, practical advice, and generosity of resources and information. And OH WOW are they funny!

Their background in performance is an amazing asset to their work and it was so wonderful to be able to absorb some of that energy! I also really appreciated their ability to anticipate my needs and the way they checked in with me. I felt very supported and I loved every second I spent with them. They are knowledgable, kind, hilarious,  passionate, and I feel more confident in my own work after having worked with them. I can’t speak highly enough about this dynamic duo!


Brooklyn, New York

Birdsong Mentorship cracked open my mind, inspired me, challenged me and made me feel all the feelings…all in a single season. I am so pleased to have been a part of this program.

Laura and Erica are wonderful mentors: they made me feel seen, heard, supported and they made me laugh…A LOT! They’ve created a beautiful container in which a multitude of women can come together, on level playing field, to grow and learn from each other and from within.

I looked forward to the call each week! I’m at the very beginning of my journey as a doula and I am so happy I made the decision to start here. The vernacular and skills that I learned within this program have given me such a solid foundation to start from. Those 12 weeks helped me sharpen my intuition, trust myself and lean into my worth and value in EVERY aspect of my life. I highly recommend this program to any doula, creative, entrepreneur, or ANYONE wanting to spend a season growing and making subtle, yet radical internal shifts. This program helped me stand in my power, equipped me with very practical tools, and it connected me to a whole new tribe of incredibly diverse women. Grateful and forever changed.

Meagan Thompson

About Birth, LLC, Kentucky

The Birdsong Brooklyn Mentorship opened my eyes and heart to new ways of approaching my work as a birth doula.

Through the weekly exercises and group calls, I was able to explore my reasons for getting into birth work and uncover my value as a doula (and mother, and wife, and friend, and human being…).

Erica and Laura attracted an unbelievable group of people to this mentorship! I learned so much from the other mentees and feel incredibly grateful to now carry pieces of their stories and knowledge with me. I honestly feel like I’ll be processing the information from this mentorship for months, maybe years, to come. As I continue on my doula journey, I’ll be able to use the mentorship exercises to reflect on and improve my work and my self. I’m so thankful for and in awe of the work that Laura and Erica do, and am proud to call them my mentors!


Brooklyn, New York

The mentorship was just what I needed for my present journey. I was really struggling on how to build my doula business. I learned practical skills and identified some personal blocks that were holding me back. I found my self referencing weekly modules to partner and friends.

Most importantly I finally feel like I found community and sisterhood within the doula world.

I did not feel supported after my doula training and certification. Now I have a support system to help me navigate my doula journey and that’s priceless. Laura and Erica introduced me to so many life skills. Mentorship has set me up to reach my goals and that’s super empowering. – Kira, Brooklyn

Jean Marie

New Jersey

When I entered this program I was completely unsure if I would reenter/ continue being a doula. After 10 years of experience and then huge life changes I didn’t know if it would still my 100% calling. Thanks to my conversation either Laura I entered the program with and open heart and mind.

To say it has been life changing for me is an understatement. I feel validated, confident and most of all valued within our community because of this mentorship program. It has been a long time since I feel like I have like minded professionals in my corner.

I am forever grateful to Laura and Erica for their open, vulnerable, humorous, intelligent, and inspirational mentorship program. We laughed, we cried and we will all continue to kick ass.


Brooklyn, New York

Your mentorship gave me a thread of reflection, guidance, and love that I desperately needed in what could have been the most challenging transition I’ve faced thus far in my life.

It has helped me see that if I just put my hand and my heart out into the world, I will give more than I think possible, and get back more than I can imagine. I’m not a doula, but this mentorship doulaed me from one, worn out and unhappy place in my life into a new appreciation for the life I have, and can choose to have every day going forward. It helped me let go and open myself to what’s coming in a way I’d have been hard pressed to do on my own. I miss it!

The kindness and generosity of Laura and Erica is to be marveled at, certainly, but what they have managed to do is bring into circle a group of women who reflected that back at each other. And seriously, even if that’s all you got—a circle of women holding space for each other—that would be worth it! What’s nuts is that there’s so much more than that, it could take a year, and you’d still have plenty to work on/in/through. I’m deeply grateful for this opportunity, and can not recommend it effusively enough!


Brooklyn, New York

Laura and Erica are absolutely wonderful! I enjoyed learning about the ins and outs of doula work while also being reminded to care for myself as well. One of the great things about this mentorship is that Laura and Erica mentors you holistically.

This mentoring program left me feeling held, valued, and capable.


Brooklyn, New York

Laura and Erica are actual spirit guide, guardian angel, fairy godmother types in human form. They make you feel so heard, while also pushing you to explore new territory in yourself and your work.

They are incredibly knowledgable and share that knowledge with sweeping vulnerability, deep compassion, and wild humor. They’re the best friends you wished for, the motherly figures you always wanted, and the teachers we crave. I grew as a human and a business person being in their presence and the presence of the magical group they gathered every week.



The Birdsong Brooklyn duo literally changed my life! I will forever be grateful to them for their realness, their vulnerability, and their humor. Through the laughter and the tears I was pushed and grew.

What I loved about it the most is that it was so much bigger than doulaing… It actually opened my mind and heart to finding value in myself as a human and as a woman.

I feel incredibly blessed to consider Laura and Erica my mentors.