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Postpartum Challenge

The postpartum revolution has come a long way and yet we hope to push beyond the new norm of radical honesty to preparing and activating support systems so that it becomes normal to have a deeply nourished time following birth. Together maybe we can heal the gaping collective mother wound that, we believe, stems from the lack of caring for postpartum bodies, minds and hearts. It's our desire that postpartum awareness and support move to the foreground of our conversations around birth. ⠀⠀

In an effort to march forward into a full blown postpartum uprising we have created a Nourished Postpartum Challenge on Instagram.

Who Participates

1) Doulas/Care Providers: they can talk about what they do for their clients.

2) New parents: they can write about their current experience.

3) People who are pregnant or TTC: they can (how awesome!) talk about what they will do to chart a supported and nourished postpartum.

4) People beyond the postpartum period: they can write about how they cared for themselves then, how they care for themselves now or what they wish they had.

5) People who don't have kids can talk about how they have supported friends/family or what their own parents postpartum journey's were like (how cool to go find that out! More productive than 10 years of therapy!). The point here is that POSTPARTUM IS NOT NICHE- anyone and everyone can find a way into this conversation!

How It Works

There will be a topic/prompt each day on Instagram. Use the challenge hashtag so we can find your shares and also find each other- as in adding to the end of your post #showupforpostpartum #nourishedpostpartumchallenge.

Examples of Our 2018 Challenge

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Birdsong Brooklyn Nourished

About Birdsong

We are Laura Interlandi (L) and Erica Livingston (R) and together we are Birdsong. We are doulas and writers and actors and mamas and friends and also very, very silly.

We specialize in non-judgement and humor! What makes us awesome doulas is that we truly believe in, and practice with everyone we serve, the philosophy "all boats rise".

What that means is that if we all tether together then when the tide comes in, like one of us experiencing a win, we all rise together...