Doula Book Club 2019/2020

An online monthly book club for birth workers, healers and people looking to delve into knowledge surrounding holistic health, parenting, birth, and bodies.

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Doula Book Club

Read. Discuss. Doula.

An online monthly book club for birth workers, healers and people looking to delve into knowledge surrounding holistic health, parenting, birth, and bodies. Sign up below to get all the info and announcements!



Laura and Erica of Birdsong- two sweet, silly and wicked nerdy doulas. In addition to our individual doula practices and collective offerings, we both have backgrounds in teaching, training, curriculum building, workshop facilitation, performance, improv and space holding.


On going education is such an essential aspect of the doula path. Whether you are covering your reading list for certification, are a seasoned doula looking to connect to community and be inspired, or you’re seeking to educate and support your personal or professional path with pregnancy, birth and holistic health related knowledge and dialogue… you and your magnificent mind are welcome in this space!

We will endeavor to keep the reading list inclusive, covering essential core material and special interest topics- we are open to suggestions and will be bringing in authors and leaders from the birth community for increased juicy wisdom.


Reading List


We have a billion books we want to feature and dive into but in order to create a cohesive and balanced list we are taking a bit more time before we firm up the whole year. We have asks out to several authors (each month we love having the author or an expert on that topic do a talk/Q&A in addition to our Book Club Discussion) and we are still jig saw-ing the right flow in concordance with author schedules.



Your Birth Plan: A Guide to Navigating All of Your Choices in Childbirth by Megan Davidson - A birth book that equally honors all paths and all pregnant people, guiding and empowering you to make informed decisions, without judgment or prescription, for your own positive birth experience.



Full Moon Feast by Jessica Prentice. Accomplished chef and passionate food activist Jessica Prentice champions locally grown, humanely raised, nutrient-rich foods and traditional cooking methods.



How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish. The ultimate “parenting bible” (The Boston Globe) with a new foreword—and available as an ebook for the first time—a timeless, beloved book on how to effectively communicate with your child from the #1 New York Times bestselling authors.




Do I have to be a doula to join?

No! We believe that all people do doula work in their regular lives and that there are direct parallels to doula work in any profession that provides support rooted in non judgement.

Is an author/expert always in the group?

They will be invited either before the group discussion begins or at the end; The Doula Book Club space itself is always closed to solely the participants/members so we can discuss among ourselves freely. Where possible, we will loop the author, or an expert in that field of study to be featured either at the beginning or the end of the call, not in the discussion space itself.

Is this an inclusive space?

YES. We have a code of ethics for both the discussion space and Online Community Group that expressly states a no-tolerance policy regarding discrimination, microaggressions, tone policing and the like and we will enforce those policies if need be. With that said, we are by no means claiming to have it all figured out and we certainly are open to dialogue, questions and further work to deepen our ability to create a brave space for all people.

Can I submit a book to be on the reading list?

Absolutely! We are always open to recommendations and suggestions.

How do you select the books?

We are aiming to select a cross section of material. We want to cover essential doula reading, even if many in the group have read it already because the same book may land in a different way 5 years later- also lively discussion around a topic is a very different way to engage with reading than by yourself in your home. In addition to birthwork staples we want to bring in branches of study and service that are often skipped over in trainings due to logistic time constraints.

Can’t I just take your reading list and organize this in my own community?

Absolutely you can! Book clubs are traditionally non commercial gatherings of people in community. If you want to do that we won’t be offended. The sun shines for all of us. We highly recommend having a facilitator who is committed to holding the space in true non judgement. Many of these topics of study are highly charged which is why we take seriously the role of setting the tone and holding the container.

Why should I join this?

We aren’t big fans of the word should- there is no reason you ‘should’ do it, but plenty of reasons this club could benefit your personal and professional growth trajectory. There is so much value in group work, in being seen and having a place to come to explore the layers and questions that often come up when we are integrating knowledge. We hope our signature style of humor and heart have you feeling deeply supported and cared for while having a touchstone for continuing education and inspiration.

I am pregnant/in my first year postpartum- could I benefit from being in this book club?

Maybe. But maybe think about it first. This book club is really geared towards those in service roles that intersect these topics and the space will be held in such a way that is more industry/service/business focused than that of a personal journey. Many of these topics will be quite activating and we recommend deeply considering that before signing up. It is more of a study group than support group.

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