We are Laura Interlandi and Erica Livingston and together we are Birdsong. We are doulas and writers and actors and mamas and friends and also very, very silly.



Through experience and intuition, Birdsong provides a clear, calm presence that can empower and strengthen the mother and family through their transition. Our goal is for families to feel lighter, more rested and able to enjoy the precious days of motherhood with humor, love and a general feeling of goodness.


Our Values and Approach

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Laura Interlandi

Currently serving birthing people in the Pacific North West, Laura Interlandi is co-founder of BirdSong Brooklyn and feels honored to support people during times of great transition. Laura has traveled extensively, from her childhood home on Vancouver Island around the world - as well as within, on a path led by creative expression, the spirituality of entrepreneurialism and the study of consciousness. Laura holds a particular passion for exploring the confluence of mindfulness practice, body-centered holistic care and the wisdom of joy as an essential foundation to mental health perspectives.

Laura brings evidence based practices together with intuition and humor to create space for the fullness of each person she serves. After being gifted twins in 2016, Laura felt a calling to specialize in supporting parents of multiples, who are too often left out of literature and services altogether. In addition to doubling her creative capacity to hold space for others, her twins Willow and Luca have also shown her what it truly means to show up with the energy of non judgement.

Between dishes and doula mentorship calls Laura loves to belt show tunes and write silly stand up bits and VERY SERIOUS feminist poetry in equal measure. She is forever grateful to her first born Aria who teaches her grace and grit on the daily.


Erica Livingston

Erica Livingston PCD(DONA) is a certified postpartum doula, birth doula, educator and co-founder of BirdSong. Since having a beautiful baby boy in May of 2013 Erica has been serving the New York birth and parenting community. Before having babies she worked in the New York theater community and still uses her writing and performing skills to support and educate families. She is a regular contributor and content creator for Pranamama TV, Well Rounded and Holistic Parenting Magazine.

She is passionate about working with women in their motherhood phase, no matter how that looks. Recently starting to provide feminine business and life design to Birdsong's clients is inspiring her to think out of the box of what mothering can mean; mothering a business, mothering a child or even mothering the self. Erica is also an herbalist and breathwork practitioner and is happily expanding those offerings as well. She is a proud mother herself of two boys, this business and a small garden. She's happiest when her hands are dirty.

Postpartum planning needs to not be an add on service or niche topic. It is a vital thread that we need to FULLY integrate into the tapestry of our care system.

We like to laugh and make delicious food- but make no mistake: the postpartum revolution is in full swing and we are here to serve.
— Laura & Erica