Through experience and intuition, Birdsong provides a clear, calm presence that can empower and strengthen the mother and family through their transition.


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Through experience and intuition, Birdsong provides a clear, calm presence that can empower and strengthen families through their transition. Email Laura for Doula Care in the Pacific North West OR email Erica for Doula Care in New York City.



Are you looking to be nurtured by us on your path? Are you seeking a community of Doulas to grow with? Are you ready to be Seen?

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The Carriage House Birth Foundation Postpartum Doula Training is for
people looking to serve families beyond birth in the energy of



We are Laura Interlandi (L) and Erica Livingston (R) and together we are Birdsong. We are doulas and writers and actors and mamas and friends and also very, very silly.

We specialize in non-judgement and humor! What makes us awesome doulas is that we truly believe in, and practice with everyone we serve, the philosophy "all boats rise".

What that means is that if we all tether together then when the tide comes in, like one of us experiencing a win, we all rise together...



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Erica and Laura were so kind and helpful – like MacGuyver and a Care Bear wrapped into one!

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birth blessings

Unlike the western ritual of a baby shower, a Birth Blessing is centered around the mother: the woman she has been, is in this moment, and will emerge as, once her child is in her arms.

It recognizes the power within her and allows space to cast fears aside, shed skins and doubt, and be surrounded by support and love.


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Birdsong Featured in Goop

“In New York City…Birdsong Brooklyn has a great stable of postpartum doulas.”



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Mother Blessing photos by Laura Kiev